Epson printers are known all over the world for giving the greatest printing services. However, while being the best in the market, Epson printers have some downsides. That is why we will discuss the “Epson printer printing blank pages” issue today. & how we can fix it utilizing some of the most basic ways.

A blank page issue occurs when you start getting blank pages after printing from your Epson printer. Most of the time, low ink levels in your printer’s ink cartridge and wrong print settings are to blame for this Epson printer issue. As a result, if you wish to fix the blank page issue on your Epson printer. Then, you must first determine the root source of the problem.

We’ve listed a few major causes and solutions for Epson printer printing blank pages issue below. These factors and fixes will assist you in determining the root cause of the blank page problem on your Epson printer and resolving it at the same time.

Fix Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Fix – 1: Check your printer’s ink cartridges

You may test your printer’s ink cartridges in three ways.

  • First, check to see if the ink levels in your Epson printer are low. Then you may simply solve it by re-filling your Epson printer’s ink cartridge.
  • Second, if one of your ink cartridges is running low on ink. You can then replace it with another unused or loaded cartridge. It will definitely work for you.
  • Third, if the newly inserted ink cartridge is not releasing the ink. Then just remove the protective tapes from your cartridge to allow it to evacuate the ink.

Note: Take care not to detach the cartridge tape from any sharp object. Because it may break or damage your ink cartridge.

Fix – 2: Clean your printer’s clogged nozzles and printhead

If your Epson printer continues to print blank pages after replacing or refilling the ink cartridges. Then, just order it to “print a nozzle check pattern” to see whether it has any clogging in its print head. Before you begin, make sure your printer’s LCD screen isn’t displaying any problems or malfunctions.

  • On your Epson printer, hit the Home button and select the Setup option. Following that, you must select the “Maintenances” option.
  • Now, choose the “Printhead Nozzle Check” option.
  • After that, your printer will check it by printing a page and displaying the four shaded networks, as well as informing you about the blocked nozzle.
  • If you notice any holes or a few blackout lines, choose the “Clean the printhead” option and then the “Proceed” option.
  • When your Epson printer is on a cleaning cycle, do not turn it off or stop it. Because it may harm both the printer and the cleaning procedure.

Fix – 3: Update Epson Printer Driver

To function properly, Epson printer drivers must be updated. If your installed driver is out of date or incorrect, it may create errors and problems. We recommend that you go to the Epson website’s support page from your computer and download the compatible drivers for your computer by selecting your computer’s operating system from the drop-down menu. Having a current driver installed on your Epson printer helps keep you from experiencing a variety of problems.

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Fix – 4: Update Printer Firmware

An out-of-date firmware version can also cause your Epson printer to output blank pages. When the firmware on your Epson printer is updated to the current version, it begins to work properly. You can easily update the firmware on your Windows 10 computer by clicking on the “start” menu with your mouse and selecting the “Epson software updater” option.

If the Epson software updater program is not installed on your Windows machine. Then:

  • Simply “download” it from the Epson website’s support page by selecting your printer model from the list of all Epson printer models.
  • Now, select your system updater by clicking the checkbox button.
  • Select the “Install” option.
  • Now, to update the firmware, follow the instructions on your computer screen.
  • When you’re finished, simply press the “Finish” button.


These four printer troubleshooting methods will instantly fix the Epson printer printing blank pages issue. If none of these fixes methods work for your printer. Then you can contact us via the live chat option that you see. You can inform our experts about your specific problem and get the best solution for it quickly and with complete customer satisfaction.


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