Cringe Meaning

Cringe (Verb)

To escape from someone or something because you are afraid.

To be extremely ashamed, as demonstrated by a physical movement or expression.

Cringe (Adjective)

Very humiliating due to being so bad or silly:

Cringe (Exclamation)

Used to indicate that you find something highly embarrassing or awful.

Cringe (American Dictionary)

To be embarrassed or ashamed of something:

To hide in fear from someone or something that appears powerful and frightening.

Cringe Meaning In Tamil – குவிப்பு

Cringe meaning in Tamil, “குவிப்பு” (pronounce­d as “kuvippu”). Cring, the e­xperience of fe­eling embarrassed, uncomfortable­, or awkward in response to something pe­rceived as embarrassing, socially unacce­ptable, or unpleasant. Additionally, it may be e­mployed to convey disdain or disapproval towards situations considere­d cringeworthy or lacking authenticity.

Cringe Examples

  • They have cringed more than any of us when we have seen advertisements for individuals who are similar to the party in power.
  • We were cringed to see that his tongue had not even darkened after numerous attempts.
  • In that country, shyness or cringing in the show ring is enough to disqualify a dog.
  • She has a very dry sense of humour and cringes at any display of tenderness.
  • It doesn’t make me cringe, but it’s not my favorite piece.
  • He walks away, terrified and screaming for imaginary attackers to stop.
  • After following him for long time, viewers cringed when the two slept together, but knowing that a relationship would be impossible, the two agreed to go on.
  • When he chose it, I cringed.
  • I have to say that hearing one’s own remarks repeated makes me cringe with embarrassment.
  • Good luck to him, but don’t deceive yourself into cringing in his presence.
  • When confronted with these problems, it is our responsibility to take the initiative rather than cringe and follow.
  • Surely, now that we have agreed to pay our debt to that country, we no longer need to cringe in front of her.
  • We are being asked to practice the policy of the preemptive cringe.
  • When we mention 4 million unemployed people, they cringe in their seats.

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Cringe Synonyms

  • Pull back
  • Cower
  • Shrink
  • Recoil
  • Crounch
  • Shake
  • Draw back
  • Wince
  • Kneel
  • Eat dirt
  • Quail
  • Tremble
  • Grovel

Antonyms for Cringe

  • Face to
  • Meet
  • Stretch
  • Come forward

FAQs on Cring

What is cringe?

Cringe is embarrassing, awkward, etc.

How to pronounce cringe?

Cringe is prounced as krinj.

What is the meaning of cring?

Cringey is someone or something that makes you feel awkward, uncomfortable, or embarrassed—something that makes you cringe.

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