The world of boxing has long been dominated by male boxers, but the rise of skilled and talented women boxers has disproven prejudices and inspired millions of people worldwide. These athletes have demonstrated that women can compete and thrive in the physically demanding sport of boxing by overcoming social barriers and challenges. In this article, we mentioned some of the top women boxers in the world who have achieved the highest level of the sport through their dedication, talent, and hard work.

List of 10 Top Women Boxers In The World

1. Claressa Shields

One name that stands out among the top women boxers in the world is Claressa Shields. Claressa Shields has won two Olympic gold medals at the amateur level. She is the only boxer in professional history to simultaneously win all the major world titles in women’s championships.

Shields is a strong and fast fighter who is regarded by all rating agencies as the best in the world right now for pound for pound. She is involved in MMA as well because she practices cage fighting on the side. Shields accomplished all of this at a relatively young age, and according to analysts, she is still in the early stages of her career.

2. Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor is another top women boxers in the world who won a gold medal at the Olympics. Since she has more than a hundred victories under her belt and numerous championships to her credit, Katie Taylor undoubtedly has the best amateur career on this list. She performed well when she turned pro, capturing the world title after just five matches and going on to remain undefeated.

She won seven world championships in seven different weight divisions, which is a world record. Taylor’s speed and dedication make her one of the most thrilling fighters to watch. She is presently one of the best fighters pound-for-pound and the top-ranked featherweight in the world.

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3. Amanda Serrano

Veteran boxer Amanda Serrano is here! She’s been fighting for almost a decade, and she’s still going strong. Serrano is regarded as one of boxing’s most accomplished competitors since she has excelled and set a world record by winning titles in seven different weight classes. She has also competed in almost forty fights, winning thirty of them via KO.

Undoubtedly, she is the most complete fighter in all of women’s boxing, which is the main factor in her successful professional life. She possesses all the necessary attributes, including talent, excellent battle IQ, and power and speed. Serrano has maintained her position as one of the top featherweights in the world, showing her remarkable consistency.

4. Jessica McCaskill

Jessica McCaskill continues to rule the welterweight division. Despite recently giving up the IBF and WBO titles, McCaskill successfully defended the titles three times. Since losing to Katie Taylor in 2017, “CasKILLA” has had quite the run, going 7-1. She suffered a setback when the IBF declared Sandy Ryan the new WBO champion after she defeated Cameron in November. McCaskill is still regarded as the welterweight queen, though.

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5. Nicola Adams

The United Kingdom proudly presents Nicola Adams, a true pioneer in women’s boxing. The United Kingdom proudly presents Nicola Adams, a true pioneer in women’s boxing. A new generation of young female boxers is motivated by Nicola’s charming nature and strong competitiveness to follow their dreams no matter what. A new generation of young female boxers is motivated by Nicola’s charming nature and strong competitiveness to follow their dreams no matter what.

6. Lucia Rijker

Since she competed at a time when women’s boxing received little to no support from the general public, Lucia Rijker is a fighter who paved the path for all of the other female competitors. Rijker still did well, offering a thrilling fighting style. She was a stunning performer who never lost, earning the nickname “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World.”

Rijker is also a highly skilled kickboxer, having participated in 36 fights, 36 of which she went on to win. Rijker enjoyed a successful coaching career after retiring from boxing. She has coached Ronda Rousey, a legendary fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as well as Diana Prazak.

7. Holly Holm

She might not be the best on our list, but MMA fans seem to like her the most. By defeating the strong Ronda Rousey in the UFC and winning the bantamweight world championship, Holly Holm created history. The Preacher’s Daughter was a skilled boxer before becoming an MMA legend, yet many people are unaware of this.

In the welterweight and light welterweight weight divisions, Holm has won world titles. She is the only fighter in history to simultaneously hold belts in both boxing and mixed martial arts. Throughout her career, Holm accomplished sixteen championship defenses and always placed highly in the rankings.

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8. Christy Martin

Without including one of the sport’s leaders, no list of the top female boxers would be complete.Christy Martin has one of the longest careers in women’s boxing and competed in the 1990s. Martin has given us numerous memorable battles that are credited with popularizing women’s boxing.

She has an incredible forty-nine wins and just seven losses to her name after decades of competing. Her final few years in the sport saw her win the WBC super welterweight belt as well. Martin is now occupying her legitimate positions on this list as well as in the International and Nevada Halls of Fame.

9. Regina Halmich

Regina Halmich is a GWOAT in the sport and more than just one of the forerunners of women’s boxing in Europe. Having won the IBF female flyweight title and successfully defended it 29 times before retiring with the belt around her waist, Halmich was the face of the flyweight division in her era. The super- and light-flyweight titles were also won by her.

Halmich has a superb record as a result of winning 54 out of her 56 battles, which is not surprising. Halmich had such an impression in Europe that American fans of women’s boxing caught wind of her fame. She even came in second on Ring magazine’s ranking of the top female boxers.

10. Cecelia Braekhus

When it comes to accomplishments, Cecilia Braekhus surpasses some of your favorite male boxers. The famous Norwegian boxer is possibly the best female welterweight boxer of all time. She became one of the exclusive few to hold all four major world titles simultaneously, which supports this assertion.

The only boxer in history to hold five belts simultaneously, she eventually broke that record. She also had a fantastic amateur career, as evidenced by her numerous awards. Braekhus, who is considered to be one of the top female boxers in the world right now, went 36 fights without losing a contest.


The women’s world of boxing is witnessing an inspiring transformation as these 10 top women boxers in the world prove that they can compete and conquer just as their male counterparts. The future of women’s boxing is more promising than ever as long as they keep motivating and empowering others. With increased opportunities and recognition, we can expect even more exceptional women boxers to emerge, leaving an indelible mark on the sport and inspiring generations to come.

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