House of Cards, the American political drama based on Michael Dobbs’ 1989 novel, was a topic of debate all around the world. It has gotten more love than criticism around the world. As of now, the show has six seasons. However, news for House of Cards Season 7 is in the air, and it is terrible.

House Of Cards Season 7 Release Date

Season 7 could be delayed, according to rumors. Netflix renewed the series for season 6 in 2017 and stated that it will be the series’ final season. It’s been three years since the production team has given us good news. It’s unclear whether Netflix and the show’s creators will be serenaded by fan requests for another season. Until then, we can only hope for a comeback.

According to the show’s creators, there will be no season seven of House of Cards. It’s horrible news for all the supporters who have been waiting for good news for a long time.

House Of Cards Season 7 Cast

We can only hope that once Season 7 is released, the previous seasons’ actors will return to the show. However, we cannot be certain that the primary actor, Kevin Spacey, will return. The remaining actors we would expect to see include:

  • Robin Wright as Claire Underwood
  • Constance Zimmer as of Janine Skorsky
  • Sebastian Arcelus as of Lucas Goodwin
  • Michael Kelly plays as Douglas “Doug” Stamper
  • Kate Mara (A Teacher) as the Zoe Barnes
  • Michel Gill plays Garrett Walker
  • Kristen Connolly (Deep Water) plays Christina Gallagher
  • Boris McGiver plays Tom Hammerschmidt

House Of Cards Season 7 Storyline

The plot centres around Frank Underwood, a congressman. Frank is a South Carolina Democrat. He and his wife Claire Underwood are both ambitious in American politics. Unfortunately, Frank is not appointed as Secretary of State, prompting him and his wife to devise a complex plot to gain power. The series as a whole explores topics such as deception, manipulation, power, corruption, and pragmatism.

There is no new information or updates on the plot of House of Cards season 7. The House of Cards storyline appears to be continuing in the seventh season of the show.

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House Of Cards Season 7 Canceled or Renewed

Season 6 of the show began in November 2018, and it is possible that this may be the show’s final season. In 2019, Anthony Rapp accused the lead actor, Kevin Spacey, of making sexual advances on him. According to reports, Netflix canceled the series because the claims were too heinous.

House of Cards will not return for a seventh season, according to the producers. It’s bad news for all the fans who were expecting some good news in the middle of this global outbreak.

How did House of Cards Season 6 conclude?

As a result of Kevin Spacey’s removal from the show following the sexual assault charges, the writers were forced to alter the plot. Thus, in the sixth season, we watch Robin Wright, as Claire Underwood, become the new President of the United States. Claire appeared to ruin Franks’ reputation by defending her presidency in the previous season.

Claire Underwood hits Doug Stamper with a knife and immediately kills him at the end of the show. This unclear conclusion has left viewers with many unanswered questions. Even if a season seven is unlikely, we should expect the story to follow Claire’s direction if it does.

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House Of Cards Season 6 Review

The sixth and final season of House of Cards has received mixed reviews from reviewers. Although several reviews praised Robin Wright’s performance of Claire Underwood, some felt the season struggled to find its feet without Kevin Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood.

According to The Guardian, the more controlled and intelligent approach of season six comes across as monotonous, making the lack of Spacey’s exuberant charisma impossible to overlook.

IGN also noted the show’s challenge in closing up the entire tale in only eight episodes, but praised Robin Wright for taking on the burden of carrying this last chapter.

Where To Watch House Of Cards

All six seasons of House of Cards are available on the popular streaming service Netflix. House of Cards is an indulge-worthy series that will keep you fascinated from start to end with its interesting storyline and compelling characters. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and prepare to be immersed in the exciting world of political drama.