Tata Power is India’s largest power company. It has a market capitalization of more than 78,000 crores. The company’s share price has risen in recent months, rising from 182.45 in March 2023 to 257.50 as of September 2023.

Tata Power Share Price Today


Tata Power Share Price Returns

Time PeriodReturns
1 Day ↑ 3.9%
1 Week ↑ 7.3%
1 Month ↑ 17.14%
3 Months ↑ 24.18%
1 Year ↑ 11.88%
3 Years ↑ 396.38%
5 Years ↑ 264.36%4/

Tata Power Share Price Target 2025

According to several analysts, the Tata Power share price target for 2025 is between ₹400 and ₹450. his is due to the company’s objectives for renewable energy investments, the expanding power industry, and improving financial performance.

However, keep in mind that the stock market is unstable, and the share price may rise or fall in the future. Before buying any stock, investors should conduct their own research.

Factors Affecting Tata Power Share Price In 2025

  • Tata Power has set a goal of increasing renewable energy capacity of 10,000 MW by 2025. This is consistent with the government’s goal of reaching 100% clean energy by 2030. If the corporation meets its objectives, the share price may rise.
  • The development of the Indian economy would have an impact on demand for Tata Power’s services. If the economy grows, demand for power may rise, benefiting Tata Power.
  • The share price will be influenced by Tata Power’s financial performance. If the company keeps delivering great financial results, it may build investor confidence and cause the share price to rise.
  • Tata Power share price will be affected by the overall movement of the stock market. If the stock market is performing well, demand for Tata Power shares may rise.

Is now a good time to invest in Tata Power?

Whether or not it is a good time to buy Tata Power shares is determined by your investing objectives and risk tolerance. If you want to make a long-term investment in a rising firm, Tata Power can be an excellent choice. However, if you are seeking for a short-term investment, the stock may be too volatile.

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About Tata Power

Tata Power Company Limited is an integrated power corporation located in India. The main business of the Company is the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity. Generation, Transmission and Distribution, and Others are the business segments of the company. The Generation division includes power generation from hydroelectric sources and sources (coal, gas, and oil) from plants owned and operated under lease, as well as related ancillary services: Renewable energy generation, such as wind and solar, is included in the Renewables sector. The Transmission and Distribution section covers transmission and distribution networks, power distribution to retail customers via distribution networks, and related auxiliary services. It also does power trading. Other services include project management contracts/infrastructure management services, property development, oil tank lease rent, and satellite communication.

Parent Organization: Tata Power Company Limited

Founded: 1919

Managing Director: Dr. Praveer Sinha


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