Which Indian city do you consider to be the most rowdiest? Some of you could mention Delhi and Mumbai, as the rowdiest places in India. You might not be aware, though, that even Surat is currently a rowdy place in India. Cities in India are currently the most dangerous locations to live due to the skyrocketing crime rate.

Top 10 Rowdy Place in India


Delhi is the top rowdy place in India. Despite numerous government and law enforcement promises, the capital of India has an enormous rate of crime, which is still rising. It is among the most dangerous places in the world to live.


Chennai is the second most rowdy place in India and is becoming a hub for numerous startups and emerging businesses. Even though you may have heard people praise Chennai residents for their friendliness, you are unaware of the harsh reality. Chennai remains one of the most dangerous cities to live in India year after year.


Ahmedabad is home to the largest cricket stadium in the world, and the government has named it a tourism paradise. But did you know that Ahmedabad is one of India’s most rowdy cities? This year, it has beaten Mumbai’s crime rate.


Mumbai, the “city of dreams,” is also home to a lot of criminal activity. While some individuals in this city discover the secret to their success, others fall into the dark, hollow dungeons and become rowdy. Mumbai is a perfect illustration of how people have started to grow irritable in Indian cities.


Surat in Gujarat, which ranks fifth on the list of the noisiest cities in India, is a businessman’s paradise. However, Surat’s society is split into numerous segments, and many of these segments are criminally active. Right now, it’s one of India’s most dangerous locations.

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Even though there is now a big difference in crime rates between Pune and Surat, Pune is still not a particularly secure location to live in India. Even though it’s a little city with a small population compared to other big cities in India, it’s one of the rowdiest places there.


Although Bangalore’s name has changed over the past few years, the city’s crime rate has not. Changing the name did nothing to improve the crime-ridden city. You don’t want to travel alone to Bangalore because it is a really rowdy place in India.


The luxury, delicious and rich culture of the pink city, Jaipur are well known. But according to people who are familiar with law and order, Jaipur is also well-known for its criminal activity. When you are a visitor, it’s unlikely that you will find anything wrong with the city’s hospitality, but if you intend to stay here permanently, think twice.


The city has an unavoidably high crime rate despite being known for its delectable Chicken Biryani and great, colourful culture. Hyderabad’s future is concerning because of the city’s rising crime rate, which makes it an unsettling location to travel in India.


You might have appreciated the delectable Bengali sweets from your local shops, such as Rasmalai and Rabri, and considered going to the capital of West Bengal sometime. While visiting Kolkata, it would be great if you kept your safety in mind because it is a dangerous city in India with many hidden risks.

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